02 April 2013

About 3 km, 40 min

For the sake of education, I walk about 30 km for 30-40 minutes every morning and afternoon. Most of the time, I’ve got to walk in rush. See the picture below. A is my flat, B is my son’s school and C is my study station.

I don’t really want to whinge because of the tiredness, and try to see this as an exercise instead. However I cannot deny that this is time consuming. After more than a year of doing this, I admit that this kind of exercise is not worth it putting off my weight or what. My work becomes less effective to some extent. In the morning, I have to do at least a few minutes relaxation (plus a coffee latte) after every walk (which is at least half an hour), before I can fully pumped to do my main activity. In the afternoon, I have to stop my work whatsoever when the clock strikes five, to avoid late-fee collection. Badly, then I get starving. 
Anyway, for the sake of education, really I do try to accept this situation and do my best. This must be my destiny, and so let’s live it. Let's live it, let's live it.

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